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Would you like to have personalized wines and bottles for your company? Here is how we do it for you:


Contact us and let us know what would you like to have. Red or white wine.

And what quantity.


We offer you a selection of products where you can choose the suitable one for you. 


We will send you our quote and your job is to accept it. After that,  just send us your personalized label design (8x8cm). If you prefer to just have your logo, that's fine too (logo needs to be png transparent file). 

Verkkosivu labelointi numerot -4.png

Sit tight and we will deliver you your personalized wine bottles.

*Please note. In order to buy alcohol in Finland, your company has to have Valvira`s alcohol buying permission. 


For restaurants we offer our wide catalog consisting 50 different high-quality biodynamic and organic wines from 12 of our small producers. From those wines we can easily find the right ones just for your needs and deliver it to you within few working days. We also promise flawless 24 hour customer service, order discounts, satisfaction inquiries, and realtime scouting service.  Just let us know and we will find you the right solution. You can find our catalog here.


Since we have unique and deep connections to the producers all around Italy, we are capable of searching for exactly the right kind of products that our customers need. We offer real-time scouting service to private businesses and restaurants in order to get them the desired products. If you are a restaurant owner or a business owner you can contact us and we will search you the right kind of result and deliver it to you in no time!

Don`t hesitate to send us a message including the product details that you would like to have for your business.

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